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Expanding Design Possibilities- LOCTITE® Universal Structural Bonders

When inspiration strikes for a new design or manufacturing process, the limitations of traditional adhesives can prevent you from using certain materials. That’s why Applied® is excited to feature LOCTITE® Structural Bonders and Instant Adhesives.

These innovative adhesives powered by a patented hybrid technology combines the most critical attributes of structural, instant and epoxy adhesives - bond strength, speed and durability. This powerful combination provides improved performance on a variety of substrates, and the versatility to solve a wide range of maintenance repair challenges. For limitless repair. When time is anything but.

Product Highlights:

-Fast cure through high gap

-Universal adhesion

-Very good structural and environmental durability

-Safe to handle

Why Loctite® Hybrid Adhesives?

New, patented hybrid technology from LOCTITE® combines the most critical attributes of different adhesives – bond strength, durability and speedy fixturing and cure speed to bond everything from metals to plastics.

Available Hybrid Options
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Benefits & Features

Various hybrid options are ideal for assemblies involving mixed substrates, especially moulded plastic or poorly-fitting parts subject to impact loading, in semi-automated or manual production.


  • High viscosity (thixotropic)
  • Suited to wide variety of substrates
  • Fast fixture at room temperature
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Good resistance to peel and impact loads

LOCTITE® HY 4060™ GY Durable, 5-Minute Structural Repair Adhesive

The go-to adhesive for general-purpose repair, offering both performance and durability. LOCTITE® HY 4060™ GY provides fast fixture, and excellent bond strength, regardless of temperature and moisture conditions. LOCTITE® HY 4060™ GY is an ideal replacement for traditional two-part, 5-minute epoxies.

LOCTITE® HY 4070™ Ultra-Fast, Universal Repair Adhesive

With a powerful combination of speed and strength, LOCTITE® HY 4070™ solves virtually any repair challenge, when time is limited. Able to rapidly bond a variety of substrates with high strength performance, LOCTITE® HY 4070™ makes versatile repairs that are fast and easy. It’s an essential repair adhesive.

LOCTITE® HY 4080™ Tough and Versatile Structural Bonder

When your design calls for strong impact resistance, LOCTITE® HY 4080™ Structural Bonder is up to the challenge. Low odor and non-flammable, LOCTITE® HY 4080™ provides increased health and safety benefits over other traditional structural bonders. It’s an ideal replacement for traditional 2-part Methyl Methacrylate Adhesives (MMA) and Acrylic structural bonding adhesives.

LOCTITE® HY 4090™ Fast and Versatile Structural Bonder

With a powerful combination of speed and strength, LOCTITE® HY 4090™ solves a wide range of design and assembly challenges. LOCTITE® HY 4090™ delivers both performance and versatility, with high strength bonding on a variety of substrates. Cures faster and outperforms many traditional epoxy adhesives.