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New and improved instant adhesive solutions from LOCTITE® help you work more safely with zero performance compromises. This line of upgraded instant adhesives and accelerators are designed to improve occupational safety through a reduction in hazardous chemicals.

There are several common ingredients used in instant adhesives and accelerators that have come under greater regulatory scrutiny in certain regions of the world. In response to these concerns and overall demand for safer alternatives, LOCTITE® has upgraded several of their products to be better in line with more globally acceptable raw materials. This advancement combines upgraded formulations with the high quality and reliability you’ve come to know and expect from Henkel LOCTITE® brand products.

Not sure of the best way to use instant adhesives or other LOCTITE® bonding products? Applied® is proud to coordinate with Henkel LOCTITE® on training opportunities and consultations:

HQ- and MMBP-Free Formulations*

* HQ/MMBP-Free: These ingredients are no longer part of the LOCTITE® product formulas. Trace amounts are possible due to shared manufacturing processes and/or select raw material impurities. Hence, the Henkel specification level has been set at <50 PPM for HQ and <100 PPM for MMBP.


An ultra-performing, fast-setting instant adhesive that provides reliable performance under extreme operating temperatures up to 135°C.


A fast-setting, surface-insensitive, medium-viscosity instant adhesive that provides high shear strength on a wide range of materials.


A fast-setting, very-low viscosity instant adhesive that is ideal for small bondline gaps and close-fitting assemblies.


A fast-setting, surface-insensitive, non-drip gel instant adhesive that is ideal for porous and vertical surfaces.


A general purpose, low-viscosity instant adhesive that offers fast bonding on a wide range of materials.


A unique, two-part instant adhesive that provides gap filling in excess of 0.10" for a wide range of materials.

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