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Improve Your Plant Lubrication Maintenance Operations With Lubriplate’s Color Coding Program.

Together with Applied®, Lubriplate offers a complimentary service to help you get the most out of your lubrication processes. Lubriplate's lubrication survey and color coding program help:

• Improve lubrication maintenance efficiency

• Save time identifying the correct lubricant

• Prevent lubricant misapplications

• and more!


What You Can Expect

A trained Lubriplate expert will work with you to assess your lubrication requirements and provide custom solutions, including:

• Color-coded lubrication charts specifically for your operation's needs

• Color-coded lubricant storage tags and signs to help improve organization

• Color-coded tags for individual machine components to help quickly identify the right lubricant. Learn more about what the Color Coding Program can do to help you save time and money.

Step 1: Contact Applied® and Schedule a Complete, Complimentary Lubrication Survey of Your Facility

Our team will help determine the best lubricants to meet your needs and identify opportunities for consolidation through the use of multi-functional lubricants.

Step 2: Lubriplate will generate customized color coded lubrication charts specifically for your plant

Color coded charts are easily identifiable and available in a variety of sizes, and include information to select the proper lubricant for specific applications.

Step 3: Lubriplate will provide color coded lubricant storage tags and signs

Tags and signs with bold colors and shapes can be installed to organize your lubricant storage areas, which could in turn save time and resources, while increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Step 4: Color coded tags will be provided for individual machine components throughout your plant

Tags help to identify the proper lubricant for each piece of machinery in your facility, and will match the application chart(s) and storage tags. These can even be customized with your company logo.


The 4 step custom color coding system:

  • Improves lubrication maintenance efficiency
  • Saves time identifying the correct lubricant
  • Prevents lubricant misapplications

Lubriplate Color Coding Program Brochure

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