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PPI Herringbone Wing Pulley - Aggregate

The PPI Herringbone Wing® was designed for those applications where conventional wings suffer from excessive material lodging and wing folding. The extreme wing angles of up to 45°, use the pulleys rotation to eject material out the sides of the pulley rather than recirculating it as a conventional wing often does. These extreme angles and optimized wing height, along with a center reinforcement disc, all combine to make an incredibly strong design that excels where others fail.

How it works:

• Herringbone wing pulley discharge material out the side of the pulley, in fewer rotations, rather than recycling material back onto the belt.

• Curved wings reduce the amount of air being moved and reduce the amount dust being stirred.

• The pulley is in constant contact with the belt; preventing belt slap, vibration, and wear. Additionally, herringbone pattern doubles the contact points in the center of the belt proving better support and further reducing vibration

• Flights angled at 45° throw material off the belt, doing a better job of cleaning and preventing material build up and plugs

Available In:

• Diameters of 12” to 60” and face widths of 12” to 78”

• Classes to better match application requirements:
– For aggregate, the Herringbone Wing (HBW) 
– For use in more abusive applications

• XT or Keyless locking assemblies

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