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Success Story: Reducing Food Processing Plants’ Operating Costs

A major food supplier was experiencing issues pertaining to motor failure, to the tune of failure over 200 times per year. Such outages cost hundreds of dollars per minute in downtime! Conveyor belts with standard motors couldn’t hold up to the wear and tear of production, exposure to chemicals and high-pressure from washdown. Other motors were swapped in, but to no avail.

This organization turned to Applied® in cooperation with Leeson, to develop the Leeson 2 HP Extreme Duck encapsulated, stainless steel motor. The first variation was installed to see if it would work, and what type of difference it could make. Within one year of being installed on the conveyor belting, instead of needing to replace about 450 motors, only 250 needed to be switched out. This was a stark improvement, but still left room for progress.

Within the next two years, the motor experienced enhanced redesign. The result is the Extreme Duck Ultra motor – which lacks crevices to house bacteria, is steam- and waterproof, and contains a “Totally Enclosed, Not Ventilated” (TENV) design. This motor is now certified as IP69k, confirming it’s design as impenetrable to dust and liquids, in any mounting position, and non-wicking lead wires, that are colored and numbered for proper identification during the installation period.


Leeson premium efficient motors are totally enclosed and boast NEMA-exceeded efficient ratings. These washguard industrial-duty motors are tough enough to handle exposure to water, dust and corrosives all day, every day.

Available Size Options

Where Leeson Premium Efficient (Three Phase) Motors Can Reduce Costs:

  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Fans
  • Blowers
  • Conveyors
  • Machine tools
  • Other industrial applications
  • For use where exposure to water - dust - corrosives exists

Benefits & Features

With over 6,000 motors in stock and almost 30 unique motor modification programs available from Leeson, Applied® can help provide a custom solution tailored to your exact application needs.


  • Washdown Duty AC Motor
  • Washguard C-Face AC Motor
  • AC Three Phase Washguard Motors
  • Washguard Stainless Steel C-Face AC Motor
  • Extreme Duck Washguard All-Stainless Motor
  • Premium Washguard Stainless Steel Duck AC Motor