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Food & Beverage


The Regal Rexnord IP69K-certified suite of products bring you superior durability that can withstand the toughest Food and Beverage environments. From Stainless Steel housings to chemically resistant components, Regal Rexnord has the answer for you!

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• Increase uptime and reduce labor costs with less bearing changeouts

• Keep contaminants out and lubrication in with the chemical resistant high performance triple lip contact seal

• Reduce corrosion with stainless steel or electroless nickel-coated steel inserts

• Sealmaster has the industry’s widest outer race resulting in increased grease capacity, improved sealing options and increased surface area to absorb shock load

• The inner ring is annealed by set screws to reduce the potential for cracks developing in the ring

• H1 Food Grade Grease

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Boston Gear 2nd Generation Stainless Steel Speed Reducer

The new generation of Boston Gear's SS700 series stainless steel worm gearboxes package the form-fit-function of the original stainless steel speed reducers, with features including:

• Domed Crown™ Curved Design: Reduces fluid pooling and improves chemical runoff, lowering the risk of pathogen formation and ensuring food processing operation remains safe and compliant

• Larger Output Shaft Bore Sizes: Allows for the selection of a smaller reducer, especially in low-torque or low-duty applications, if the shaft size is dictating the selection, providing the opportunity to downsize product selection (weight, envelope size, cost) and standardize conveyors throughout the facility

• IP69K Rated Stainless Steel: Compliant with IEC 60529 and can withstand washdown nozzle pressure of up to 1450psi as close as 4 inches, making the SS700 Gen 2 Series highly resistant to water ingress during high‑pressure washdown

• Field-Installable Shaft Covers: Protects against potential food traps and rotating elements that pose hazards to operator safety. Compliant with both FSMA and OSHA regulations, installing these covers ensures your product meets the highest safety standards

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Leeson Extreme Duck® ULTRA Motor

The Extreme Duck® ULTRA motor stands up to the most demanding high-pressure temperature and dust-penetration environments. Third party UL certification UL file number: IEC60529

• FULLY ENCAPSULATED INTERNAL EPOXY ENCAPSULATION Full body sealing—including both endbells—reduces air pockets where condensation can occur. Points of entry for contaminants are minimized, and drain plugs and breathers are eliminated.

• TWO-PIECE SHAFT SEAL TECHNOLOGY This new design provides three points of protection on both ends of the motor.

• INNER DOUBLE-LIPPED VITON®* SHAFT SEAL This oil, water and chemical resistant technology is ideally suited for extreme environments that undergo routine washdown.

• 360 ̊ ROTATABLE O-RING SEALED CONDUIT BOX To simplify installation, full box rotation facilitates wire entry and protects non-wicking, chemical-and abrasion-resistant colored leads.

• 300 SERIES STAINLESS STEEL COMPONENTS Featured on the frame, base, conduit box cover, end-shields and bearing carrier cover. It’s the perfect motor design for extreme washdown conditions.

• EASILY REMOVED Q-CAR™ ROTOR CARTRIDGE If bearings need replacement, our exclusive Q-Car™ rotor cartridge disassembles by removing four bolts saving you time and money.

• FULL-FACT NAMEPLATE Permanently laser etched into the motor frame, this nameplate will never be separated from the motor.

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These Plastic Spiral Belts are designed to run with greater efficiency and productivity through:

• Increased belt tension strength with PowerKey technology to carry more load or run at faster speeds

• Elevated beam strength from stainless steel rods creates a stiffer belt that can carry more product while reducing carrying rails for lower overall cost

• Better product release and transfer which reduces product loss

• > 45% open area allowing for maximum airflow

• Reduced maintenance time – easy assembly and disassembly with our patented PowerKey, and simple rod removal

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