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Increase Uptime and Productivity with Rexnord's Smart Condition Monitoring System - Aggregate

Finally, a scalable system to address YOUR current priorities and budget, while extending the life of your assets. Rexnord's Smart Condition Monitoring System uses proprietary algorithms to continuously compare sensor data against models of healthy drive operating conditions. Under abnormal conditions, contextual alerts are sent to a local visual indicator, your control system and the Rexnord Connect Portal so your team knows what action to take and when. 

Improve Productivity — Eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs such as scheduled route-based contracts.

Increase Uptime — Early warning system to avoid unplanned downtime, for example “water in oil” detection.

Enhance Safety — Allow personnel to see the health of your equipment from a distance rather than trying to reach difficult locations.


NEW! — Model 1030

Rexnord has recently released the latest addition to its line of Smart Condition Monitoring Systems – the new 1030! This model is the only universal, large gear drive solution with oil quality monitoring capabilities, plus temperature and vibration monitoring. It tracks the humidity level as well as oil quality over time. Customers know when to change oil or do preventive maintenance, better managing manpower and budget while avoiding unplanned downtime.

The 1030 can be fitted to nearly any gear drive with an oil port 3/4” or greater—typically on equipment with a 100 HP or larger motor, commonly used in mining, paper, cement, power and forestry industries. It delivers simple, robust 24/7 remote monitoring of critical assets to optimize total operating costs.

Key benefits include:
Proven Maintenance Savings — Demand-based oil changes, reduce the need for scheduled maintenance.

Increase Safety — Minimize hands-on equipment inspections in challenging locations.

Improve Uptime — Avoid asset failures through cost effective preventive maintenance.

Easy Integration — Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) allow end users to quickly initiate remote monitoring via EtherNet/IP®, Modbus® TCP/IP or PROFINET® standards.


Why Rexnord's Smart Condition Monitoring Systems?

Rexnord offers easy-to-deploy levels of monitoring, available on a sliding scale to match manufacturers’ priorities and budgets. Fill out the below form for more information on Models 1010, 1020, 1030, 1050, and 1150.

Rexnord Model Comparison Table

Smart Condition Monitoring System —
Series 1000
Model 1010*+ Model 1020* Model 1030+ Model 1050* Model 1150*
Measurements / Alarms
Oil — relative humidity, oxidation, aging, life remaining, oil level [not for Model 1030]
Oil sump temperature
Overall vibration
Vibration - misalignment, bearing, and gear mesh frequencies
Motor current
Notifications / Communications
Local status indication
PLC / DCS connectivity and Rexnord Connect Portal via LAN
Rexnord Connect Portal via cellular Model 1110
Includes same measurements and notifications as 1010 plus cellular capabilities
Model 1120
Includes same measurements and notifications as 1020 plus cellular capabilities
Model 1130
Includes same measurements and notifications as 1030 plus cellular capabilities
Model 1150
Includes same measurements and notifications as 1050 plus cellular capabilities
*For Falk A+Plus, Y-Unit, and V-Class Gear Drives
+For Universal Kits

Rexnord Smart Condition Monitoring System Product Guide

Learn more about Rexnord's Smart Condition Monitoring System

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