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Food & Beverage

Give Productivity A Boost with System Plast® Conveyor Solutions - Food Grade

System Plast® conveyor solutions can be used to achieve smoother container handling and increased conveyor movement throughout your system.

• Generate more revenue by increasing available production time

• Reduce container damage and / or loss to save money

• Realize longer life for conveyor components to reduce maintenance costs

System Plast® Bead and Roller Guides

System Plast® Bead and Roller Guides are an ideal solution for those areas on a food or beverage conveyor line where containers have trouble moving smoothly and tend to crowd together or jam.

These products:

• Eliminate or greatly reduce container jamming

• No friction points or bridging

• Increased throughput

• Reduced product damage

• Excellent for paper, plastic and metal containers

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SYSTEM PLAST® Speedset™ Brackets

System Plast® SpeedSet™ Brackets solve conveyor line change problems quickly. The benefit of SpeedSet™ brackets is preset conveyor guide rail adjustability that is fast and accurate without the need for tools. If your plant is adjusting conveyor guiderail widths to accommodate different container sizes running on a single conveyor this solution could help you save time and money.

System Plast® SpeedSet™ Brackets offer quick, consistent, repeatable line changes:

• Significant reduction in product loss, damage or tipping as guiderails are consistently adjusted for smooth product flow

• Decreased labor time for line adjustments frees maintenance staff for other jobs

• No tools needed – Operators could potentially change guide rails

• Increased productivity time for more revenue generation

ValuGuide® Nolu® Plastics featuring Nolu-S Wearstrips

Nolu® Plastic Wearstrips are made with Regal’s exclusive compounds of UHMW and solid lubricants / unique ingredients. They provide reduced coefficients of friction while maintaining the characteristics of UHMW.

• Extends the life of mating surfaces

• Lowers mating surface scratching or damage

• Reduces energy consumption

• Minimizes product pulsation on conveyors for smoother product handling

• Reduces conveyor generated noise

• FDA & USDA approved ingredients

• Noise suppressant

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