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Rexnord Falk V-Class™ Gear Drives - Aggregate

Extreme industrial applications demand a gear drive that performs every day, no exception. That means longer seal life, improved thermal performance and increased operating life. It means shorter lead times, convenient serviceability, and faster, easy-access support. It means the Falk V-Class™ – a drive engineered to deliver power, durability, and reliability under the toughest conditions. It has more than 150,000 engineering hours, and 125 years of history backing it up.

Available in larger sizes and standard 4-week lead times for many frequently used units and accessories.


Rexnord Falk-V-Class™ Gear Drives are Great for the Aggregate Industry:

Solid, dependable, proven, and backed by an industry-leading 3-year warranty from Rexnord, this drive really delivers the difference. Whether your business is coal, hard rock mining, energy, grain, cement and aggregate, or pulp and paper, the Falk V-Class™ will handle your most rigorous production needs.

Rexnord Falk-V-Class™ Capabilities: 

• Right angle or parallel shafts
• Heavy-duty ductile iron housing withstands shock loads
• Horizontally split housing allows easy disassembly / assembly for maintenance
• Superior thermal performance
• Exclusive Magnum no-leak seal design
• Internal backstops


Falk V-Class

• Ratios: 1.25 to 160:1 
• Torque: Up to 3M lb-in
(up to 341 kNm)
   • 27 sizes 
   • Solid or hollow output shafts



Falk V-Class —
Larger sizes

• Ratios: 5.60 to 710:1
• Torque: 2.5M to 9M lb-in
(282 kNm to 1016 kNm)
   • Nine sizes
   • Solid output shafts



DuraPlate® Cooling System

• Integral, self-contained system simplifies installation and minimizes risk of damage
• Powered by shaft-driven pump and fan for high reliability, no need for additional motors
• Requires no electricity, saving time and enabling easy installation
• Requires no cooling water, simplifying installation and conserving a limited resource
• Stainless steel design prevents corrosion and provides superior durability
• Other cooling options available to suit a vast range of ambient conditions and application requirements

Inching Drive Option

• Reliable power — Falk® Ultramite® Gearmotors provide reliable power and unmatched performance
• Compact design — Integrally mounted to the main gear drive unit, the inching drive is coupled via an overrunning clutch
• Automatic engage/disengage — For operator convenience, the inching drive automatically engages in inching operation and disengages when the main motor is operating
• Ready availability — Standardized product offering allows for ready availability
• Safety — Optional speed switch and backstop to ensure safe operation

Falk V-Class Alignment Free

The Falk V-Class Alignment Free option allows for easy installation of shaft mounted gear drives, reducing labor time and the risk of improper alignment of motor and gear drive, thus protecting bearings, couplings and other motor and drive components against potential damage or premature wear.

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