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The SKF CR Seals Speedi-Sleeve® - The Easy Way to Repair Shafts

Once a particle is trapped underneath a shaft sealing lip, it’s only a matter of time before the resulting shaft wear renders the seal ineffective. Repairs used to mean the costly, time-consuming proposition of shaft dismounting and re-machining. But SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE® can take a shaft from scored to restored in just minutes – or eliminate the need to finish it in the first place.

The SPEEDI-SLEEVE® has been developed by CR precisely to solve the problem of worn seal counterfaces at shaft ends. With thin walls and a near-perfect finish and hardness for its purpose, which is simply pushed in position over the worn shaft and after installing a new seal, the shaft is as good as new - if not better.


Eliminating the need to disassemble the shaft and match with a replacement, the thin-walled sleeve can be pushed in position over the worn area, providing a counterface surface that is optimized for radial shaft seals.

Available Size Options

  • No shaft dismantling or machining involved
  • Improves sealing performance
  • Minimizes downtime for repairs
  • Eliminates shaft grinding – metalizing – machining
  • Compatible with the original seal size
  • No special equipment required for installation
  • ✓ Industrial gearboxes and transmissions
  • ✓ Motors – speed reducers – pumps – fans
  • ✓ Construction and agriculture equipment
  • ✓ Crushers and conveyors
  • ✓ Rolling mills and paper mills

Find the Right Fit For Your Applications

Learn how the SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE® can improve your applications.

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