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SUCCESS STORY: Increased Uptime for Airport Conveyors

Downtime isn't an option in busy airports. Breakdowns and excessive rebuild time associated with setscrew shaft damage was hobbling baggage handling conveyors in one of the world’s busiest metropolitan airports. Set screws are typically threaded through the inner ring and tightened to dig into the shaft, locking the inner ring of the bearing to the shaft; having them in place can make it a challenge to remove the bearing from the shaft when replacements are needed. This regularly occurring issue necessitated the time-consuming removal of damaged housed bearings, leading to unacceptable conveyor downtime and frustrated travelers.

In partnership with Applied, Timken® Fafnir® Ball Bearing Housed Units with shaft guard technology™ (SGT) helped reduce the amount of shaft rework in baggage handling conveyors, saving time and money for this airport.

Timken® educated application operators on the value of SGT. To date, Timken teams have helped replace 500 existing units to SGT on airport conveyors, bolstering protection against shaft damage from gouging, raised metal and fretting corrosion, ideal for an environment where uptime is essential.


SUCCESS STORY: Simplified Installation for Forest Products

A tricky installation process regularly led to bearing damage and compromised performance for a busy lumber mill in Idaho. The costly competitor's ball housed units created a drag on profitability and productivity across the operation, leading the customer to need a more cost-effective and high-performing solution.

The Timken® Fafnir® ball housed unit with SGT proved ideal for applications throughout the mill. Installing the same way as a standard setscrew bearing, operators enjoyed a simplified installation process. The Timken unit’s stainless steel SGT ring construction also helps prevent shaft damage during installation and operation for improved overall performance.

Why Timken® Fafnir® Ball Bearing Housed Units with Shaft Guard Technology™?

Timken SGT is designed to eliminate damage to the shaft from set screws. By reducing labor and operating cost and boosting productivity, a typical plant could save $4,000 a year by switching to this Timken solution.

Available Size Options

More Reasons Why You Should Switch to Timken® Fafnir® Ball Bearing Housed Units with Shaft Guard Technology™:

Available in:
  • High base pillow block
  • Low base pillow block
  • Two-bolt flange
  • Four-bolt flange
Size range (bore):
  • ✓ Standard duty: ¾” to 2 15/16” - 20 mm to 75 mm
  • ✓ Medium duty: 1" to 3 15/16" - 25 mm to 100 mm

Where Timken® Fafnir® Ball Bearing Housed Units with Shaft Guard Technology™ Can Reduce Costs:

  • Fans and blowers
  • Food and beverage
  • Conveyors
  • Printing presses
  • Packaging and textiles
  • Rubber and plastics
  • Combines and implements

Benefits & Features

Shaft guard technology (SGT) is a proven, solution from Timken that eliminates damage to the shaft from the set screws. It makes removing and replacing housed units faster and easier, reduces the amount of shaft rework, and saves time and money.