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Success Story: Carbon Steel NEPTUNE® Chain Works Smarter Not Harder

The application of this chain was in a Retort Washer for sterilizing cans prior to packaging. The chain was used to pull the pallets of cans into the washer. Con Agra was using a 16B stainless steel chain and getting just under 6 months of service life. The primary mode of failure was excessive elongation (chain stretch). This became an issue as the elongation of the chain was not able to pull the cans into the washer in a timely manner.

U.S. Tsubaki recommended their Neptune chain in size 80 as a replacement. Neptune is designed with a multi-layered coating process that includes coating each part individually prior to assembling the chain while providing optimum corrosion resistance in applications that involve mild chemicals or applications where the chain can become immersed in water. One other major benefit to Neptune chain is that it provides the same strength of a carbon steel chain but with anti-corrosive protections. Carbon steel chain has a dramatically higher strength rating than stainless steel.

The immediate reward was an increase in service life from 6 months to more than 18 months. The chain is currently in service and has provided an annualized cost savings of $49,111.74.

Why U.S. Tsubaki Neptune Chain?

Resists corrosion when exposed to harsh outdoor environments, including seawater. The exclusive NEPTUNE® surface treatment process provides a protective finish that is more corrosion resistant than Nickel-Plated chains.

Available Options


Features / Benefits:
  • Applications that require wash downs
  • Applications where cleaning detergents are used – including Alkaline chemicals
  • Applications exposed to water or spray
  • Applications that are not direct food-contact
Common Applications:
  • ✓ Food processing
  • ✓ Food packaging
  • ✓ Fruit/vegetable handling
  • ✓ Ports/shipyards
  • ✓ Bakeries/meat processing

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