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U.S. Tsubaki Super Stainless™ – a tougher chain for your toughest industrial applications

When working in operating conditions with harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and high moisture levels, you know only the toughest chains will do. Before, that meant choosing between the corrosion resistance of stainless steel or the strength of carbon steel. Now, thanks to U.S. Tsubaki, that’s changed.

Applied® is proud to feature Tsubaki’s newest product, the Super Stainless™ Chain. Made by combining the corrosion resistance of the existing 600 (AS) series chains with the strength of an ANSI carbon steel chain, this product is a 100% compliant ASME B29.1 roller chain constructed entirely of stainless steel, all made to order for your operations.

Why U.S. Tsubaki Super Stainless™ Chain?

With six times more strength and superior wear life for less-frequent replacement, Super Stainless™ offers a reliable system that can withstand extreme conditions.

Available Options

More Reasons You Should Switch to U.S. Tsubaki Super Stainless™ Chain:

Common Applications:
  • Freezers
  • Food Packaging / Processing
  • Underwater Applications
  • Exposure to harsh cleaners
  • High-speed Conveyors
  • High-temperature ovens
Best Industries / Environments:
  • ✓ Maximum strength in corrosive - high-temperature and food-grade environments
  • ✓ Resists general acids - peracetic acids - low-dosage caustics and alkalis - tap water - salt water
  • ✓ Resists temperatures from -40 ˚ to 750 ˚F

Benefits & Features

U.S. Tsubaki’s Super Stainless™ chain is designed to replace carbon steel chain one for one. Additionally, it boasts a higher side-bar waist and greater fatigue strength, with hardened pins and bushings


  • 100% compliant ASME B29.1
  • Entirely of stainless steel