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Wind / Renewable Energy

Applied Industrial Technologies has been committed to providing industry support for over 100 years, focusing on safety, operational efficiency, and lowest total cost of ownership. Our Renewable Energy Specialists keep you connected with our extensive supplier network and our value-added services. We work to understand your processes and provide the technical solutions to your toughest challenges.

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Timken Approved End User by Gearbox:

6 Target turbine platforms
Mainshaft bearings for these platforms only
Gearbox bearings for HSS positions only

Stock levels built to support 3 turns based on mapped rebuild activity

  • GE1.5
  • GE 1.6 / 1.7
  • GE2x
  • SWT2.3
  • S88
  • V82
Corresponding bearings offered:
  • GE 1.5: PEAB4410; GPV455; PLH1100; PEAS4390 – 2; PEAS4390 – 1; PEAB4419; GPV453; FDM – 2
  • GE 1.6 / 1.7: FDMD; FDMX; GPV457; PEAB4431
  • GE 2.x: FDM2; PZAB3505
  • SWT 2.3: EH851; PEAB4458
  • S88: EH853
  • V82: EH803


The clean energy industry powers more of the United States every day and contributes more to the economy than any other source of energy. ACP unites the most prominent policy leaders, industry experts, and companies to grow the industry.

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