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Rhino Dirt™

Rhino Dirt™ sold exclusively through Applied Industrial Technologies

Rhino Dirt™ offers an all-purpose industrial cleanup solution. It completely sucks up leaks and spills on contact, leaving a surface that is bone-dry. One, four-pound bag absorbs as much as two, fifty-pound bags of traditional clay-based sorbents. Rhino Dirt™ improves cleanup efficiencies by ensuring a safe, fast and cost effective way to handle spills.

Features and Benefits

• Sucks up leaks and spills quickly

• Leaves surfaces dry

• Sweeps up with a broom − even broom is dry

• One, four-pound bag cleans up to two gallons

• Works on all surfaces, including dirt and water

• Saves up to 65% on cleanup and disposal costs*

• Landfill safe in most states*

* Compared to cleanup and disposal costs when using kitty litter. Landfill safe in most states, eliminating disposal fee charges. Check with local agencies regarding hazardous waste disposal regulations.