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Precision Roller Chain


Precision Roller Chain
Item #101015794
  • ANSI Standard Chain
  • Riveted Construction
  • 1.250 in Pitch
  • Carbon Steel
Precision Roller Chain
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  • ANSI Standard Chain
  • Riveted Construction
  • 1.250 in Pitch
  • Carbon Steel


  • Shotpeened, wide-waisted link plates are manufactured with maximized ball heights from special alloy steels for added strength for chain sizes 60H and above
  • The wide link plate profile improves stress distribution, leading to increased fatigue resistance and enhanced performance
  • Solid bushing and roller for maximum wear life and smooth interaction with the sprocket
  • Preloaded up to 50% of minimum ultimate tensile strength (MUTS), which is especially important for applications involving fixed center-to-center sprockets without take-ups
  • this minimizes or eliminates initial elongation
  • Available for chain sizes 80-180, a full hardened hook cotter provides greater link plate support and up to twice the shear strength of conventional short split cotters
  • The easily installed hardened hook cotter should retain position in high vibration applications
  • Industry leading production technology is employed to hot-dip each chain
  • Working life of the chain is greatly extended compared to cold-dip methods
  • Proprietary lubricants are designed to penetrate and fully coat the bearing surface between the pin and bushing
No. of Strands Across 1
Link Plates Thickness 0.187 in
Rated Working Load [Max] 3,800 lb
Roller Width 0.755 in
Chain Pitch 1 1/4 in
Chain Type ANSI
Material Carbon Steel
Pin Overall Length 1.725 in
Pin Diameter 3/8 in
Roller Dia. 3/8 in
Chain Construction Riveted
Chain No. 100
Link Plates Height 1.186 in
Weight 2.827 LB
EAN or UPC 642051002277
  • Pre-Packed QuantitiesPre-Packed Quantities
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