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Mixing Nozzle


Mixing Nozzle
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  • Mixing Nozzle
Mixing Nozzle
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  • Mixing Nozzle


  • LOCTITE® consumables offer a wide variety of static mix nozzles that have been carefully tested to provide the best performance and mix ratio with our 2-part, A-system cartridges. LOCTITE® Static Mix Nozzles (A-System, 50ml) come in various nozzle styles, tip styles, mix ratios and elements. In nozzle styles, we differentiate between helical (also known as round or standard) and square (also known as quadro). Square nozzles allow for the same mixing as helical but in a shorter nozzle, reducing adhesive waste when mixing component A and B before application. For precision dispensing, e.g., in medical manufacturing, needles can be additionally added using the luer-tipped nozzles.
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