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02 111

Individual O-Rings

Item #102204771
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Product details

  • 7/16" ID
  • 5/8" OD
  • 3/32" Cross Section Diameter
  • Nitrile Buna N
  • 90 Durometer


Cross Section Dia. 3/32 in
Piston or Cylinder O.D. 0.611 in
Durometer 90
Rod O.D. Female 0.436 in
Piston O.D. Male 0.622 in
Cylinder Bore I.D. Male 0.613 in
Rod or Housing Bore I.D. Female 0.437 in
Piston O.D. Negative Tolerance 0.001
Bore Dia. Male A 0.625 in
Rod Bore Diameter Female D 0.438 in
Inside Diameter Tolerance 0.005 in
Outside Dia. 0.625 in
Groove Diameter Piston Male B1 0.448 in
Piston Groove Diameter Female 0.435 in
Rod Bore I.D. Positive Tolerance 0.001 in
Tube O.D. Female 0.437 in
Cylinder Bore Dia. Male A 0.624 in
Groove Diameter Male B1 0.463 in
Groove Diameter Piston B1 0.368 in
Piston Groove Positive Tolerance 0
Rod O.D. Positive Tolerance 0 in
Rod Gland Groove I.D. 0.613 in
Piston O.D. Positive Tolerance 0
Temperature Range [Min] -30 °F
Bore Dia. Cyl. A 0.578 in
Dash 111
Throat Dia. Female D 0.439 in
Temperature Range [Max] 250 °F
Piston Groove Negative Tolerance 0.002
Inside Dia. 0.4375 in
Material Nitrile Buna-N
Plug O.D. Male 0.623 in
Cross Section Tolerance 0.003 in
Rod or Sleeve O.D. 0.435 in
Rod O.D. Negative Tolerance 0.002 in
Groove Diameter Female B 0.599 in
Peripheral Squeeze P 0.052Invalid Unit: 2
Piston O.D. 0.576 in
Rod Gland Positive Tolerance 0.002 in
Rod Bore I.D. Negative Tolerance 0 in
Rod Gland Negative Tolerance 0 in
Groove Diameter Female A 0.612 in
Weight 0.001 LB
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