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Series 879 TableTop® Chain

LF879TK4 1/2

Series 879 TableTop® Chain
Item #101490593
  • 879 Series Sideflexing, One Piece, Tab TypeTabletop Chain
  • 1.5" Pitch
  • made of LF Acetal w/Austenitic Stainless Steel pins
  • 4.5 wide
Series 879 TableTop® Chain
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  • 879 Series Sideflexing, One Piece, Tab TypeTabletop Chain
  • 1.5" Pitch
  • made of LF Acetal w/Austenitic Stainless Steel pins
  • 4.5 wide


  • Beverage
  • Brewing
  • Dairy
  • Package handling
  • Parts processing
  • Food processing
  • Glass, plastic or metal container handling


  • Rexnord has developed a variety of materials for applications that go beyond the capabilities of their standard materials. Special materials provide strength and molding characteristics that differ slightly from their standard materials. It is important to contact your Local Service Center for availability of certain chain types, as well as for changes in chain strength, friction, or dimensions.These materials are usually made to order, so minimum order quantities may apply. However, some chains are stocked in these materials. Again, contact your Local Service Center about your specific requirements.
  • Chemical Resistance (P) - Acetal and LF Acetal will be attacked by strong acids and bases in addition to chlorine and phosphorous
  • Applications using these or other questionable chemicals should consider the chemically-resistant material
  • Chain pin material can be altered as well if the normally supplied austenitic stainless steel pin is inappropriate
  • This material is denoted by a "P" prefix
  • Conductive Thermoplastic (AS) - Certain applications cannot tolerate static electricity and additionally cannot use metal chains. In these cases we can provide a conductive thermoplastic material that will minimize the static charge buildup that standard thermoplastics can generate. We request all applications for this material be cleared through your Local Service Center with Rexnord's TableTop Engineering Dept. before price and delivery will be quoted. Chains of this material have an "AS" prefix.
  • Flame Retardant (FR) - Acetal and LF Acetal will burn and support combustion. So, for those environments where flammability is a concern, flame-retardant materials are available. Chains of this material have a prefix "FR."
  • Heat Stabilized (HS) - A specially formulated material that resists thermal degradation from 200 °F water spray. These applications include rinsers, sterilizers, and pasteurizers. An "HS" prefix is used to designate this material. Stocked in 1873G chain as HS1873G.
  • Magnetic Conveying (SSB) - Certain applications require the use of magnetic wear strips under the chain to incline or hold down metal products. Either standard thermoplastic one-piece chains or a special nonmagnetic stainless steel one-piece chain (SSB815) may be used.
  • Melt-Resistant (MR) - Industries such as container manufacturing, baking, or industrial parts processing convey hot products that will melt the top surface of standard materials. In these instances, one may use the "MR" material. Depending on product mass, this material can convey objects up to 375 °F (hot cans, pans, etc.). An "MR" prefix is used to specify this material.
  • Metal Detector Applications - Many standard thermoplastic materials may be used in metal detectors. However, the stainless steel pins used to join these chains may not. Contact your Local Service Center for availability of thermoplastic pins in the chain you are considering using.
  • Ultraviolet Resistance (UV) - Ultraviolet radiation will degrade standard thermoplastic materials. This material is for outdoor applications in direct sunlight or processes requiring the use of ultraviolet light. These Chains are ordered with the prefix "UV."
  • Wear-Resistant (WR) - Applications that subject thermoplastics to very abrasive wear, such as castings, machined steel parts, sand, glass, etc., will benefit from this special material. In fact, "WR" may extend wear life of a chain up to five times that of an acetal counterpart in these applications. "WR" is the prefix used for this material.
Pin Diameter 9/32 in
Chain Series 879
Type Sideflexing, One Piece, Tab Type
Material LF Acetal
Chain Pitch 1 1/2 in
Thickness 25/32 in
Pin Material Austenitic Stainless Steel
Color Brown
Package Type 10 Foot Box
High Temperatures No
Low Friction Yes
Link Plates Thickness 0.188 in
Module Width 4 1/2 in
Weight 0.83 LB
EAN or UPC 698210828110
  • Pre-Packed QuantitiesPre-Packed Quantities
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