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RunRight Elastomeric Tensioner


RunRight Elastomeric Tensioner
Item #102088766
  • 18 in Size
  • Chain/Belt Tensioner Type
RunRight Elastomeric Tensioner
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  • 18 in Size
  • Chain/Belt Tensioner Type


  • At the optimum angle of 20°, the tensioner has the maximum capability to absorb vibrations or shock loads and still has enough arc of motion to automatically take up belt or chain stretch.


  • Belt and chain tensioning
  • Pressing
  • Cushioning
  • Hold-down
  • Guide rollers
  • Belt scrapers
  • Brake bars
  • Cleaning brushes
  • Conveyor shock absorbers
  • Limit stops


  • Chain and belt life is increased as much as 30% by eliminating slap and vibration, while minimizing drive bearing and shaft wear
  • Self-adjusting
  • no periodic adjustments are necessary
  • Because of the elastomeric elements, the tensioner has the capacity to absorb shock loads and vibrations in the drive
  • Simple to mount, with only one bolt required to do so, and has 360° positioning flexibility
  • Maintenance-free
  • since the tensioner uses no metal-to-metal connections, no lubrication is required
  • provides silent operation
  • Dirt and grime will not affect operation, so it can be used indoors or out from -40 °F to 180 °F (-40 °C to 80 °C)
  • Check to be certain that the idler sprocket or pulley will still clear the space available between the base housing and the mounting hole
  • Note: Idlers, sprockets and pulley accessories are available online
Belt Size A (4L), B (5L), C, 1" Wide Flat, 2" Wide Flat
Mounting Bolt Torque 434 in lb
Size 18 in
Force @ 30° Angle of Pretension Hard 98.2 lbf
Force @ 10° Angle of Pretension Normal 16.9 lbf
Housing Diameter 2.28 in
Type Chain/Belt Tensioner
Arm Height/Length 4.53 in
Force @ 10° Angle of Pretension Hard 20.9 lbf
Idler Bolt Size 1/2 - 13 x 2 1/2
Force @ 20° Angle of Pretension Normal 40 1/2 lbf
Insert Style Elastomeric
Temperature Range [Max] 180 °F
Distance @ 20° Angle of Pretension 1.3 in
Coupling Size RT18
Chain Size 35, 35-2, 35-3, 40, 40-2, 40-3, 41, 41-2, 41-3
Housing Length 3.11 in
Color Blue
Coupling Type Chain/Belt Tensioner
Outside Dia. 2.2800 in
Temperature Range [Min] -40 °F
Material Natural Rubber
Overall Length 3.110 in
Force @ 20° Angle of Pretension Hard 50.6 lbf
Mounting Bolt Size M10 X 30
Force @ 30° Angle of Pretension Normal 78.7 lbf
Weight 1.8 LB
EAN or UPC 685144174536
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