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Ball Bearing Idler Sprocket Hardened Teeth

Item #101903668
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Product details

  • Sprocket Idlers
  • Ball Bearing
  • 50 Chain Size
  • 17 Teeth
  • 0.6380" Bore Diameter


Outside Dia. 3.72 in
Pitch Diameter 3.401 in
Hardened Teeth With Hardened Teeth
Tooth Width 0.343 in
No. of Teeth 17
Length Through Bore 0.72 in
Chain No. 50
Width 0.720 in
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Material Carbon Steel
Sprocket Style C
Hub Projection 0 in
Width Across Teeth 0.72 in
No. of Strands Across 1
Chain Pitch 0.625 in
Weight 0.78 LB
EAN or UPC 97039905321
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