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Fluid Power HVOF

Fluid Power -
Extending Cylinder Life
with HVOF Technology


HVOF (High Velocity Oxy-Fuel) system to chrome cylinder rods for extended life vs. standard chroming processes

Applied® Fluid Power invested in the best equipment available to bring its customers HVOF - the best clean and environmentally friendly thermal spray method for hydraulic actuators (cylinder rods).

The HVOF process eliminates the use of chromic acid solutions that are known carcinogens and can cause a host of other health problems. It also improves performance of cylindrical metal parts, dramatically lengthening component and seal life. The HVOF process utilizes a material in powder form injected into a flame of supersonic gas. The material softens in the flame and forms a dense coating on the substrate.

The coating provides:

  • Reduces corrosion / rust on the surface of the component
  • Improves performance of cylindrical metal parts dramatically lengthening component and seal life
  • Increases impact resistance
  • Eliminates carcinogenic chromic acid solutions during the process