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Air Leak Prevention Program

Through the usage of an ultrasonic leak detector, losses in air, steam or pressurized gas from fittings, valves, flanges and hoses can be identified.

Once this is determined, an expert trained to find, compute and calculate the leak will tag each location, including a number, the location, severity and estimated cost – this will then be used to complete evaluation forms and compile into a report, with an extensive overview for the customer.



Why LOCTITE®'s Air Leak Prevention Program?

This program is an effective method to safely detect leaks, determines where they are coming from, what it will take to fix them, and how Applied® and LOCTITE® can partner to tailor a “fix” that’s just right for you.

Typical Process:

  • Detects and identifies compressed gas leaks
  • Compiles comprehensive report
  • Recommends a plan of solutions
  • Contact Applied® regarding a LOCTITE® Maintenance Workshop training program

Benefits of LOCTITE® MRO Workshop Trainings:

  • In-house or off-site
  • Hands-on training
  • Covers all trades
  • Tool kits issued
  • Review common failure causes and prevention
  • Training materials supplied
  • Workshop can be tailored to meet your needs through a plant tour and pre-survey
  • In-plant follow-up

MRO Workshop Training Program Overview

Read more on maintenance workshop features and details

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