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Rexnord Engineered Chain - Aggregate


 When it comes to providing highly engineered products that improve productivity and efficiency for industrial applications worldwide, Rexnord is committed to customer satisfaction and superior value extended to every area of their business.

Quality Performance

Rexnord® engineered class industrial chains are designed and manufactured to be the longest wearing chains in the most demanding of applications. The end result are products which provide customers with increased productivity, reliable and continuous operation, reduced replacement costs, and less manufacturing downtime.

Choice, Raw Materials Increase Performance

Rexnord ensures the use of high-quality raw materials in their engineered chain, which is an essential component in maintaining uptime.

Superior Heat Treatment & Case Hardness Depth

Technically superior processes are used to achieve full heat treatment of components and increase uptime in the most demanding of applications. Rexnord uses advanced methods to achieve case hardness of intended long wearing components.

Superior Sidebar Hole Quality

Advanced and proprietary methods are used to achieve high-quality, smooth-finish pitch holes in the sidebar for increased performance and fatigue resistance.

Shot-peened Sidebars for Longer Wear

Components are shot-peened through an effective cold working process that consolidates the surface and increases load-bearing characteristics.

Improve Fatigue Strength with High Press Fits

Sidebar holes and pins are sized to achieve significantly high press fits during assembly. This procedure significantly improves fatigue strength for superior wear life and less downtime.

Rexnord Engineered Chain is Great for the Aggregate Industry (Cement, Steel & Mining too):

• Most standard sizes are available for quick delivery

• Wide array of designs to suit specific applications and customer requirements

• Designed and produced from choice raw materials

• Superior heat treatment and hardness depth of all components

• Technically superior sidebar hole quality

• Shot-peened sidebars

• High press fits

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