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Standard Breather

Item #101016109
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  • Disposable Hygroscopic Breather


  • Upgrade your current OEM breather cap to a high efficiency desiccant breather to maximize your equipment's protection from dirt and water with Des-Case's Standard breathers. These versatile breathers are five times more effective than the leading non-desiccant breathers, providing optimal defense against humidity for your applications.


  • Low cost
  • Filter efficiency down to 3µ absolute (β₃≥200)
  • Pulls moisture out of the head space and oil
  • High airflow capacity up to 16 cfm
  • Minimizes additive stripping and sludge buildup
  • Prevents water contamination of fluid
  • Prevents rust-forming condensation
  • Increases oil and filter life
  • Bidirectional, controlled airflow
  • Multi-tiered filtration process
  • Water vapor adsorbent
  • Resilient, polycarbonate plastic body and nylon standpipe


Flow Rate [Max] 16 cfm @ 1 psid
Flow 16 cfm @ 1 psid
Adsorption Capacity 9 fl oz/251 mL
Connection Type NPT
Connection Size 1
Weight 1.9 LB
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