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Precision Roller Chain


Precision Roller Chain
Item #101015675
  • ANSI Standard Chain
  • Riveted Construction
  • .625 in Pitch
  • Carbon Steel
Precision Roller Chain
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  • ANSI Standard Chain
  • Riveted Construction
  • .625 in Pitch
  • Carbon Steel


  • Shotpeened, wide-waisted link plates are manufactured with maximized ball heights from special alloy steels for added strength for chain sizes 60H and above
  • The wide link plate profile improves stress distribution, leading to increased fatigue resistance and enhanced performance
  • Solid bushing and roller for maximum wear life and smooth interaction with the sprocket
  • Preloaded up to 50% of minimum ultimate tensile strength (MUTS), which is especially important for applications involving fixed center-to-center sprockets without take-ups
  • this minimizes or eliminates initial elongation
  • Available for chain sizes 80-180, a full hardened hook cotter provides greater link plate support and up to twice the shear strength of conventional short split cotters
  • The easily installed hardened hook cotter should retain position in high vibration applications
  • Industry leading production technology is employed to hot-dip each chain
  • Working life of the chain is greatly extended compared to cold-dip methods
  • Proprietary lubricants are designed to penetrate and fully coat the bearing surface between the pin and bushing
Pin Diameter 0.2 in
Rated Working Load [Max] 230 lb
Chain Pitch 5/8 in
Pin Overall Length 0.795 in
Link Plates Height 0.59 in
Roller Width 0.376 in
Chain Type ANSI
Roller Dia. 0.4 in
Link Plates Thickness 0.06 in
Chain No. 50
No. of Strands Across 1
Material Carbon Steel
Chain Construction Riveted
Weight 0.736 LB
EAN or UPC 642051000600
  • Pre-Packed QuantitiesPre-Packed Quantities
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