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Single-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder


Single-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
Item #100194278
  • 1.02 in Stroke
Single-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
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  • 1.02 in Stroke


  • Load can be attached to either end of the cylinder, providing a choice of push or pull actions - both realizing full cylinder capacity
  • Very high cylinder capacities contained within small dimensions allow compact fixture designs
  • Spring return operation allows for easy unloading of the workpiece
  • Threaded collars and base mounting holes allow mounting flexibility, including table-top surfaces and T-slots
  • Nickel-plated plungers, plunger wipers and internal venting prevent corrosion and support longer operation life on allHCS models
Stroke Range 1.0 to 1.99 in, 24 to 47 mm
Return Type Single-Acting, Spring Return
Series RWH
Oil Capacity - Advance 2.76 in3, 45.23 cm3
Cylinder Effective Area - Advance 2.76 in2, 17.18 cm2
Cylinder Capacity [Min] 50 kN
Cylinder Type Workholding Hollow Plunger
Operating Pressure [Max] 5000 psi, 350 bar
Cylinder Capacity [Max] 99 kN
Action Single-Acting
Stroke 1.02 in, 25.9 mm
Cylinder Capacity Advance [MAX] 61.4 kN
Cylinder Capacity Range [Min] 10000 lbs
Body Material Steel
Material Steel
Centre Hole Diameter 0.77 in, 19.6 mm
Center Hole Diameter 0.77 in, 19.6 mm
Operating Pressure Ranges [MAX] 5000 psi
Cylinder Capacity Range [MAX] 19999 lbs
Plunger Type Hollow
Weight 4.8 LB
EAN or UPC 662005310654
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