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Epoxy Adhesive


Epoxy Adhesive
Item #100867321
  • Gray, Off White, Black Color
Epoxy Adhesive
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  • Gray, Off White, Black Color


  • LOCTITE® EA 445 is a gray, 2-part, room temperature cure, epoxy adhesive paste used for high strength, permanent bonding of metals, ceramics, concrete, wood and most plastics. This product can withstand temperatures of up to +180 °F (+80 °C). Typical applications include the production, maintenance and prototype bonding of metals, ceramics, concrete, wood, glass and most plastics.


  • Repair, fill and seal holes, cracks and worn surfaces
  • May be drilled, tapped, sanded or machined and painted after cure
  • Bonds virtually any material (not recommended for polyethylene and polypropylene)
Odor Mild
Bond Time 10 min
Container Type Cups
Cure Type Room Temperature (Ambient) Cure
Color Gray, Off White, Black
Container Size 4 g
Applicable Materials Glass, Hard Plastics, Rubber, Metal
Use With Ceramic, Concrete, Metal, Plastic, Wood
Family Name Adhesive
Weight 0.28 LB
EAN or UPC 79340214255
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