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Item #111120807
  • Pyrolube 1 Gallon Can
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  • Pyrolube 1 Gallon Can


  • KANO's 1 gallon can of Pyrolube is used as a high temperature lubricant with graphite for industrial furnaces, heating equipment or anywhere you have high temperatures and friction. Use in temperatures up to 1359 degrees F to prevent metal-to-metal contact and reduce wear over time. Used and trusted since 1939, Kano has been a leading producer of penetrating oils and lubricants in the industrial maintenance, repair, and operations (“MRO”), and professional specialty trades.


  • Industrial Furnaces, Heating Equipment, Kiln Oars, Converyor Systems, Rotary Kilns, Stokers, Baking and Drying Ovens, Gears, Chains, Bearings, Jet Engine Parts, Glass Production Conveyors, Bearings, Steel Furnace Conveyor Chains


  • INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANT: Performs in industrial furnaces and heating equipment. Leaves a smooth, graphite lubricating surface to prevent metal-to-metal contact for reduced wear
  • HIGH STRENGTH: Superior, long-lasting lubrication for moving parts in temperatures up to 1359°F (700°C)
  • FLEXIBLE FORMULA: Available as a grease
  • APPLICATIONS: Use on kiln cars, conveyor systems, rotary kilns, stokers, baking and drying ovens, gears, chains, bearings, jet engine parts, glass production conveyors, bearings, and steel furnace conveyor chains
  • PROTECTS: Eliminates galling, prevents fretting, scoring or seizure. Reduces the need for equipment disassembly and rebuilds and reduces new equipment wear-in time
  • NSF H2 #165746
Odor Solvent
Relative Density 0.77
Solubility Description Insoluble in Water
Container Type Can
Corrosion Inhibitor No
Evaporation Rate <1
Lubricant Type Oil
Chlorinated Solvents No
Color Gray
Container Size 1 Gallon
Vapor Pressure <1 @ 68 °F
Boiling Point 416 °F-449 °F
Lower Flammability Limit 0.006
Upper Flammability Limit 0.07
Flash Point 174 °F TAG
Appearance Gray liquid
Viscosity < 20.5 mm2/sec at 104 °F
Weight 0.0 LB
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