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Renold Jeffrey ChainC2080H CONN SFCP


Conveyor Series Double Pitch Link
Item #102139507
  • C2080 Connecting Link
  • Slip Fit, Cotter Pin
Renold Jeffrey ChainC2080H CONN SFCP
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  • C2080 Connecting Link
  • Slip Fit, Cotter Pin


  • Double Pitch Conveyor Series chains are ideally suited for light- to medium-duty material handling applications. These chains are similar to standard chain, except the plates are straight and the pitch is twice as long.
  • Heavy Series roller chains are made with one-size-thicker link plates for greater strength and resistance to link plate fatigue failure. Well suited for heavy-duty drive service where high shock loading is such that ANSI standard roller chains do not survive.


  • Made in accordance with ANSI B29.1 standards
  • Designed and built to provide maximum strength and wear life
  • Solid, cold forged bushings
  • Solid rollers
  • Wide waist link plates
  • Anticollapse bushing design
Chain Construction Cottered
Rated Working Load 430 lb
No. of Strands Across 1
Link Plates Height 0.45 in
Roller Dia. 0.312 in
Duty Heavy Series
Chain Series 2080, 2082, 2088, 2089
Pin Diameter 0.156 in
Chain Type ANSI
Chain No. 2080
Link Type Cotter Pin, Slip Fit
Pin Overall Length 0.728 in
Roller Width 0.312 in
Material Carbon Steel
Type Connecting (Master) Link
Pin Material Carbon Steel
Chain Pitch 2 in
Pin Length (Lr) 0.323 in
Pin Length (Lc) 0.405 in
Link Plates Thickness 0.06 in
Weight 0.27 LB
EAN or UPC 6623900290315
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