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Aluminum Carpenter Squares

Item #106017701
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Product details

  • Aluminum Carpenter Square
  • 24" Long
  • Framing Square


  • High tempered aluminum for maximum durability
  • Useful tables and information stamped into square, such as: new lumber scale, decimal equivalent table, metric conversion table, formula for squaring a foundation, 45°, 60°, 30° angle markings, volume and area formulas, wood screw gauge table, nail sizes
  • Deep, long-wearing graduations for easy reading
  • Protective lacquered coating resists corrosion


Material Aluminum
Blade Length 24 in
Blade Width 2 in
Measuring System Inch
Increment @ Scale 1/8 in @ 1 in
Beam Width 1 1/2 in
No. of Scales 1
Beam Length 16 in
Type Framing Square
Weight 1.0 LB
EAN or UPC 76174453003

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