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Ball Bearing Idler Sprocket Hardened Teeth

Item #102147359
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Product details

  • Sprocket Idlers
  • Ball Bearing
  • 80 Chain Size
  • 12 Teeth
  • 3/4" Bore Diameter


Width 0.610 in
Pitch Diameter 3.864 in
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Sprocket Style C
Length Through Bore 0.61 in
Hub Projection 0 in
Hardened Teeth With Hardened Teeth
Chain No. 80
Chain Pitch 1 in
No. of Teeth 12
Material Carbon Steel
Width Across Teeth 0.61 in
No. of Strands Across 1
Outside Dia. 4.36 in
Tooth Width 0.575 in
Weight 1.5 LB
EAN or UPC 97039905369
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